Engaging EFL Learners with Text and Building Their Comprehension by Using Question Answer Relationship Strategy

Hidayah, Taufik Engaging EFL Learners with Text and Building Their Comprehension by Using Question Answer Relationship Strategy. [Seminar dan Workshop] (Unpublished)

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In the modern era, English is broadly used as a means of communication all over the world. It becomes a necessity for everyone to acquire the language. English is well established as the most useful world language (Kaufmann, 2003:5). In Indonesia, English as a foreign language has important roles in education and business. The importance of English in line with the rapid change of information is inevitable. Further, English is one of the compulsory subjects taught from the junior high school level up to the university level. In addition, it is taught as a local content subject at elementary schools. For many EFL learners, reading is by far the most important of the four skills in a second language, particularly in english as second or foreign language (Carrel, 1988:1). Reading also plays a particular important role in education (Brindley, 1994:81). Not only does our education system demand alot of reading in the process of learning, it also tends to use the capacity to read fluently as an indicator of more general intelectual ability.
In 1982, Raphael and Pearson taught EFL learners three types of Question-answer relationship. Then it is modified by Raphael in 1986 into four types of questions, those are right there, think and search, on my own, and author and me. Raphael argues that QAR instruction encourages EFL learners to consider both information in the text and their own background knowledge when answering questions (Burns et.al:304). Reading is not just about the text but also about the context, so having a background knowledge about the text is absolutely helpful in comprehending a text.

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